image Stephane Portha : a pioneer of smartphone games

Stephane Portha : a pioneer of smartphone games

Stephane Portha : a pioneer of smartphone games

His determination, his daring and his work have made this man a reference in the digital world in France and worldwide. His success is a living proof that everything is possible and that started from his childhood. At only six years old, he discovered what he wanted to do with his future.

A safety that few people have. At the age of six, this pioneer discovered the passion that has animated his life: video games. Today at 49, his professional history is unique and above all fills with success. His career has inspired many and remains an example for many.

Incredible creativity

With a sense of creativity and incredible resourcefulness, he created his own video game only at the age of 14. Using the machines of the time, his game quickly took shape.

Once completely finished, he named it Tank. Fluid, easy to play and very entertaining, it's a small success. With such precise knowledge and especially at such a young age, the world of video games is totally made for him.

With this success, he was very quickly noticed by big sizes of the industry. Minitel offered him his first job. Later, he started his own company, Eurocenter. With Eurocenter, he has contributed to a lot in the gaming world, especially mobile gaming.

Quality professional references

Like any leader, he has trained with the best to perfect his skills. Although he learned everything from himself in the beginning, contact with his large companies has allowed him to have even more skills.

And in terms of reference, his résumé is not lacking. From the big national companies to the multinationals, the least we can say is that he put his stamp in his societies where he went:

  •  Linux
  •  Neogeo
  •  Inmob

With key positions at his companies as director or manager, he used everything he learned to found Eurocenter.

Always create more

By creating Eurocenter, Stephane Portha ( immediately worked to give the world of video games more freedom. The first creation of his company was GraalOnline. A game that has been a success both from a technical point of view and a commercial point of view.

With as poster the first multiplayer opus of the time, he quickly won the hearts of players. After this first success, Eurocenter has constantly evolved. And in order to always offer more, Eurocenter has become Eurocenter Games. A company that focuses and will focus on mobile games.

One of the big steps of Eurocenter Games was a collaboration with a big name of the digital world Apple. Among other things, Stéphane Portha participated in the implementation of the first mobile games on the App Store platform.

Eurocenter Games is also the creator of the versions of GraalOnline that are popular until today. Among them, there is Era +, the famous game of gangs and urban battle. There is also GraalOnline Zone +, the exploration game for the solar system and the entire universe.

With no fewer than 8 million of its games sold around the world, Eurocenter is without a doubt one of the most successful companies in the world.

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